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Excel Homes launches its first national product line
The American Lifestyle series has been carefully designed from the research that was gathered through Excel’s Builders Advisory Council. These homes feature open floor plans, as well as optional designs for kitchens and baths.

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Excel Homes launches its first national product line

The American Lifestyle series includes five ranch designs, five cape designs and four two-story options.

The American Lifestyle series has been carefully designed from the research that was gathered through Excel’s Builders Advisory Council. These homes feature open floor plans, as well as optional designs for kitchens and baths.
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An Excel home featured at an open house in New York

Wolfe Modular Homes opened the doors of its Bainbridge model home to the public for tours.

Excel Homes built the model home that was toured by many potential home buyers and local officials during an open house. The goal of the open house was to show visitors that there really isn’t a visual difference between modular and stick-built.
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Frankfort’s G & I Homes named a “Builder of the Year” by Excel Homes

G&I Homes recognized at Excel Homes’ Builder Summit in Selinsgrove, PA.

G & I Homes is the largest manufactured and modular home builder in New York. Excel Homes recently presented them with a “Builder of the Year” award during their Builder Summit.
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Coyle Modular Homes teams up with Excel to build Homes not Houses

Coyle Modular Homes, customer of Excel since 2008, highlighted by regional publication.

Coyle highlights their building process and the advantages to choosing modular construction.
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Excel Homes lands a spot in Builder Online's top articles from 2010

The launch of Excel's Starting Line Up home series was number one on the list of popular stories from 2010.

Excel launched a series of ultra-value homes priced as low as $60,000 and a year later, Builder Online declares this article one of the most popular for 2010.
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Excel Homes' Modular Musings blog receives Gold Star

Modular industry expert, Mod Coach, rated blogs throughout the industry and ranked Modular Musings at the top of the list.

Modular Musings received a gold star, making this blog one of the best in the industry because of the ability to feature both products and services, as well as industry news and help for prospective customers.
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Excel Homes is the modular manufacturer for The Modules at TempleTown

Excel Homes worked with Interface Studio Architects to build a multiunit student housing building that embodied the many benefits of modular construction.

Excel Homes and the benefits to modular building are highlighted in an article that details The Modules of TempleTown, the largest wood-framed modular structure in Philadelphia, PA.
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Excel Homes takes part in building the biggest project to date on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Excel Homes donated 11 modules and 3 panelized sections to the construction of the home in Baltimore

Severe rainfall, blistering heat and a mild earthquake didn't stop Excel during this extreme build. With the help of hundreds in the community, and an estimated $1 million in donated materials, including 83 windows and 15 patio doors from PlyGem, Excel was able to overcome the extreme weather conditions and complete the biggest project to date for Boys Hope Girls Hope.
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Fire sprinklers added to Excel's options list in January continue to spur interest

Excel Homes joined forces with contractor F.E. Moran to provide builders with a turnkey installation program

Steve Saffell, Excel's director of architectural design and innovation, talks with Builder about the alliance formed with F.E. Moran, as well as the challenges and processes of installing sprinklers into their custom modular homes.
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Excel Homes and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition gave a new home to 7 deserving young women

The girls of Girls Hope Boys Hope Baltimore were surprised with their new home late Sunday evening

Excel Homes, along with the Maryland Community Builders' Foundation and builder partner, Artisan Fine Homes, played a huge part in building the 11,120 square foot home (largest to date on the show) and the team was there to welcome the girls.
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Excel Homes joins Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Baltimore

Excel Homes and Maryland Community Builders' Foundation are working together with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to provide one lucky recipient with a new home

It was announced today that Excel Homes and the Maryland Community Builders' Foundation are bringing Extreme Makeover: Home Edition back to Baltimore.
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H.I.G. Capital acquires Excel Homes

New owner plans aggressive growth for the modular home manufacturer

Steve Scheinkman has joined the Excel team as CEO and is looking to deepen the penetration in both the commercial and residential sectors of the industry.
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Excel Homes is ready for the future of home building

Modular Home Builder, a well-known blog, positions Excel as one of the best Green home options in the industry

After the launch of three new programs, Excel is continuing to move its company forward and will be a huge player in the modular industry in 2010.
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Excel's Green Building Scoring Tool helps builders and their buyers build green-rated homes

Excel's new tool featured on ecohomemagazine.com

Home buyers can work with Excel Homes' builders to develop a plan using the simplified, online Green Building Scoring Tool to reach the green rating that works best with their needs, green goals and budget.
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Excel is leading the charge on home sprinkler systems in PA

Excel Homes makes it easier and convenient for builders to adapt to the pending sprinkler system mandate

Effective immediately, Excel Homes will begin offering sprinkler systems as a service option in all new homes it builds and ships throughout the north east and mid-Atlantic United States.
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Excel's website wins NAHB award

Newly redesigned website has received an "Excellence in Marketing" award

The NAHB award underscores the importance of the Internet in the modular industry and shows how dedicated Excel Homes is to continuous improvement
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Business goes green with modular homes

Excel's builder partner sets the standard in building green

Heritage Modular is hoping its customers leave neighbors "green" with envy with more energy-efficient new homes.
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Excel Homes introduces interactive floor plan design site

HGTV provides a review of Excel's new blog

With Excel's architectural team creating so many designs, the company has introduced Excel Drawing Board, a new blog that will not only showcase these modular and prefab designs and renderings, but also ask builders and consumers to provide their feedback.
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Heritage Modular named green business of the year

Excel Homes' builder partner receives impressive award

Heritage Modular of Needham, Mass., has been awarded the Green Business of the Year Award from Newton Needham Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce for their outstanding efforts to incorporate environmentally sustainable business practices into their daily operations.
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The modular industry is stepping up

The market calls for bigger and greener

To survive the housing recession, the factory-built housing industry explores new business lines and expands energy-efficient offerings.
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Nantucket's first high-end pre-fab house goes up

Young Nantucket couple needed a practical, yet stylish alternative to stick-built

Excel along with design company RightFrame are hoping to demonstrate that modular built homes address the growing demand for environmentally responsible housing that is also stylish and affordable, not to mention 20 percent less than traditional stick-built.
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ENERGY STAR Certification Made Easy

Excel Homes offers a turnkey ENERGY STAR certification option

The Home Energy Rater package helps builder partners successfully complete projects that meet efficiency and design standards at a cost that supports their bottom line and competitive edge.
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Excel Homes Diverts Production Waste Away from Landfills

Finding recyclers is the modular builder's biggest challenge

Excel decreases the amount of waste materials produced at plants and funnels it through recyclers instead of disposing materials into landfills.
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Excel Homes Confirms Drywall Products are Made in the USA

Concerns are raised over the quality of Chinese-manufactured drywall materials used by other home builders

No Chinese-manufactured drywall materials are used in any of the Excel's manufacturing facilities
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Modular Excellence

Manufactured homes are the real deal

HGTVPro.com offers a true opinion of Excel Homes and the modular manufacturing process.
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Building For Boomers & Beyond

Tap Into The Growing 50+ Housing Market

Heritage Builders in Needham, MA constructed the $20 million Sherburne Commons on Nantucket Island featuring 20 cottages and a 50,000 sq. ft. facility with 22 assisted living apartments using Excel Homes.
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Three Modulars Homes Being Built In Town

Marion, MA

Following a trend seen more readily in the southern and mid-western parts of the country, homeowners in town seem to be buying into modular houseing as an option to traditional construction.
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Rebuilding A Reputation

Excel out to boost modular homes' image

In Liverpool, a sleepy town in Perry County, there is a place where houses are born.
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Building Blocks

A 2,240 square foot modular home, built on the premises of the Mohegan Sun resort and casino by East Coast Homes using Excel Homes modules, attracted 500 people per day for five weeks before it was given away in a sweepstakes to celebrate the Mohegan Sun's 10th Anniversary.
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Going Modular

Excel Homes helps Boston-area builders and buyers alike remain confident in the cost, schedules, and quality of all their modular homes.
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Creative Couple Brings Modularity to City of Somerville

Somerville Massachusetts couple saves an entire year and $100,000 from their construction time and budget by building a high-design modular home in one of America’s densest cities.
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Deedy & God & Second Chances

Learn how a Baltimore-area family built their modular dream home.
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Modular Mansions

Factories are now producing fully customized homes, many of them mansion-size, with sumptuous detailing, cabinets, trim and fixtures, all while coming in below the cost of site-built construction.
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New Senior Living Community Gives Island Dwellers a Choice

Nantucket senior living community features twenty modular-constructed cottages.
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ENERGY STAR® Label Awarded

The Hickory Consortium (www.hickoryconsortium.org) awards the Excel Homes model home with the ENERGY STAR® Label (www.energystar.gov). The model, located on the campus of it's Liverpool, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, rated "excellent" in performance testing.
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Even Some Contractors Are Choosing Modular Homes

Learn why more and more contractors are choosing to build modular homes for their families in this New York Times Business article.
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Modular pads going upscale

From assembly line to dream home takes only days

Baltimore Sun article which describes the modular home building process and highlights current trends.
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